Arden British Day 2016

Extraordinary English classics from motoring history, and a nostalgic British picnic at 27C: The ‘Arden British Day’ in Kranenburg took place on a warm September Sunday in 2016 for the first time – and visitors immediately fell under its spell.


“Look, Daddy, there’s a Jaguar D-type,” cries one little car enthusiast. His father is even more amazed, as in the car sits racing legend Clemens Schickentanz, five times Le Mans participant in the seventies. There were plenty of astonished and adoring faces at the first ‘Arden British Day 2016’. Handmade British steel bodies from the pre-war era, classic English sports cars from the fifties and sixties, design icons from the seventies, young timers from the eighties, even rare cars such as the Jaguar C-type; the owners were filled with pride as they presented their old timers, many of which were in perfect condition.


Owners and old timer lovers came not only from all over Germany, but also from neighbouring countries. Long-time Arden customers and true Arden fans mingled with old timer drivers from the predominantly English club. Sunday trippers from the Lower Rhine on bicycles saw nearly 250 British models and over 100 other castles before a historical, medieval backdrop. Host Jochen Arden had cause for celebration; he had no idea that this event, brought to life at the last minute, would attract so many participants. The President of the British Chamber of Commerce was also full of praise, and entertained the guests with a perfect environment for picnicking. With the fantastic sunny weather in Kranenburg, over 700 visitors marvelled at the classic cars, polished to a shine and prepared with love and care, including several Cabriolets, which provided a view into their leather-clad interiors.


The marvellous countryside around Castle Zelem emphasised, the British flair, and several guests felt as though they had been transported to the gates of an English stately home. An enjoyable background programme also kept visitors and participants entertained until late in the afternoon: a Moers cricket team demonstrated their skills, and an interesting guided tour of the castle was the icing on the cake at this event.


We are happy to provide further photographic material if requested.

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