Big success for Arden Racing in the “green hell”

Within the 24h-Race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Arden Racing Team experienced an unbelievable race and has finally managed the leap onto the winner podest with the MINI.


Beside the difficulties of the 25km long race track, further challenges were waiting for the drivers of the Mini Challenge. Before the start of the race, the weather in the Eifel presented itself moody as usual. The sky above the Nürburg was dominated by heavy rain clouds and some parts of the track were wet from the pouring rain. Arden Racing decided to take rain tires and was right with this strategy. Starting from the 8th position Arden Racing pilot E.Piro fought his way forward, and finally made the 3rd place in the overall standings.


This was not the only success at this Weekend.  Beside the place on the podium, Arden Racing also scored the victory in the Gentleman Class.

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