1972 Jochen Arden laid the foundation stone for the present Company and in the following decades let it be synonymous for elegant design paired with the most modern technology in the English luxury car segment.  In this foundation year the then 21 year old automotive manufacturer acquired the first official approval to start a retail business. From very early Jochen Arden was enthusiastic about automobiles and his career therefore began with pioneering work in an old backhouse in Castle Zelem. From a youthful interest paired with a deep seated passion it became a professional striving for perfection. This was complemented with a racing sport passion and it developed to a present worldwide valued company. Arden Automobilbau stands for optical understatement in chassis design, highest craftsmanship in interior modification and high performance in engine manufacture and reflects German Engineering tradition. 1976 Jochen Arden founded the Automobil GmbH and moved to the new business rooms on Kalkarer Street in Kleve, which was followed 2 years later by a branch office on Emmericher street. Towards the end of the 80`s Jochen Arden decided to purchase a former Daimler Benz dealership and started planning and reconstructing the exhibition rooms and workshop. In 1982 Jochen Arden signed a dealership contract with Jaguar and opened a new showroom. In December he presented the first modified Jaguar XJ V12 Limousine.