DAKAR III – the new SUV alloy wheel from Arden.

DAKAR III is the name of the latest alloy wheel from the modification specialists Arden Automobilbau GmbH. The name itself hints at the target application for the cast wheel, specially designed for SUV’s. The alloy wheel comes with two different bolt circles in size 10×22 inch ET40 and goes perfectly with the off-road vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover. 16 slim spokes and the colours matt black and gunmetal grey make the DAKAR III a wonderful eyecatcher, sitting deeply in the wheel arches of the F-Pace, E-Pace, I-Pace, Evoque or Range Rover.


But the DAKAR III doesn’t just add to the car’s looks. Designers and engineers have worked hand in hand on the production process for the new SUV alloy wheel, thus delivering performance enhancements:  The dynamic shaping of the fine double spokes results in optimal brake ventilation, creates even distribution of load, and guarantees the highest possible load capacity with uncompromising product quality.


From the metallurgical analysis of the material and load trials of the prototypes, to chemical tests of the selected surface refinement process, the Krefeld-based modification specialists and their suppliers have utilised all the relevant test scenarios. As the production facility uses the very latest manufacturing processes, the Arden alloy wheels are among the lightest on the market, and this lower unsprung mass improves the vehicle’s acceleration and braking performance.


The “DAKAR III” alloy wheel is available from €749,70 incl. German VAT. Please visit our shop (currently offline, please contact us).

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