BMW 2000ti Gruppe 1 Tourenwagen


Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Manufacturer: BMW
Model: 2000ti
First registration: 06/1966
Mileage: 84.750 km
Exterior: Turf
Interior: Black
Price: 47.500 Euro
VAT included: No

Technical specifications

Transmission: Manual
Power: 106 kW/144 hp

Model History

In mid-1966, BMW launched the sports version of the BMW 2000, the BMW 2000 ti with 120 hp. It was the first touring car, which rounded the Nürburgring in less than ten minutes.



The offered BMW is painted in the original BMW paint of turf (green). The engine compartment is in the original, worth seeing painted condition. The original contemporary identification plates and
technical stickers are present on the vehicle. The vehicle has a complete model history. I At BMW racing events, the car has proved its reliability and winning potential. The vehicle is ready for use and is built as a series touring car Group 1. The power-enhanced, fine-tuned, and stable two-litre engine is equipped with two Solex horizontal draught double carburettors 40 PHH. The vehicle has Bielstein sports gear, a 4-speed manual gearbox, and a differential lock. It is equipped with the original interior and fenders. The roll cage is attached with screws and can be dismantled very easily which means that it is possible to retrofit the BMW into the series state at any time.