Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Mileage:30.000 KM
Model:E- Type Series 1 "Flat Floor"
Interior:Full Leather Black

Technical specifications

Engine:3,8 Liter Line six-cylinder
Power:198 KW (269PS)



This Jaguar E-Type from the series 1 is a very rare so-called “flat-floor model”, which was manufactured according to Jaguar Heritage Certificate 16.01.1962. A day later, Jaguar ceased production of the “flat-floor models”. In this E-Type, a 5-speed gearbox, a manifold, open intake funnel and an additional engine oil cooler were installed, which increases the stability and agility of the vehicle noticeably. Rare 8J x 15 spoke wheels and a Koni suspension provide improved handling, especially at higher speeds.



Classic Data certificate


A Classic Data certificate from 04.2018 certifies that this vehicle is in a dreamlike condition with an overall condition rating of: 1- and a replacement value of €315,000.00

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