Bentley Flying B Radiator Figure – The Arden Flying B now also for the current Bentley Continental GT

Arden Automobilbau GmbH makes possible what many owners of a current Bentley dream of and lets the Flying B, as the traditional distinguishing feature of the brand, once again proudly sit on the radiator grille. This striking figure used to adorn the front of every Bentley, until they were banned in Germany in 1959 for safety reasons. However, thanks to a sophisticated safety system, Arden has been able to fulfil the strict requirements of the German TÜV and the insurance companies and to meet all requirements regarding pedestrian impact protection.


With an expert hand and with great attention to detail now the current Continental GT and every other Bentley of the modern series can be prepared for the inclusion of a Flying B. The specialist for British vehicles in Krefeld uses original Flying B radiator grille figures that once graced a classic Bentley, treats them, and adapts the pedestal individually to the respective bonnet of the customer vehicles.


The professional renovation of a classic, the original Bentley Flying B bonnet figure requires skills that today are only mastered by a few craft workshops. Today, largely standardised manufacturing processes are only partially comparable with the former ways and so the necessary work is not only correspondingly time consuming, but also requires a high degree of technology and craftsmanship. The willingness to pursue this effort and to produce a personalised individual piece for each bonnet is carried out by Arden Automobilbau in accordance with the classic Bentley manufacturing tradition. The individually adapted Arden Flying B radiator figure including installation instructions and lifetime corrosion warranty costs 1,950.00 Euro plus VAT.

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