Arden refinement for Bentley

The parts programme includes fully chromed stainless steel hand made radiator and front grille that give your vehicle an even more noble appearance. This replaces the existing plastic grille and equips the vehicle with the material and the quality it deserves.

To complete the program, we offer exclusively for Bentley the Arden Zelem multipart Sport aluminum wheel rim. The special feature on this 10,5Jx21inch aluminum wheel rim in highly polished stainless steel bed, is the possibility to engrave an individual lettering on a stainless steel plaque, such as the owner’s name, which is embedded in a hollow specially provided for this purpose. This forged wheel is of course exclusively produced for Arden in OEM quality. The complete set consists of Sport tires 295/30R21 that provide the necessary road grip.

A handmade, and compared to the original system 15 kg lighter exhaust system, not only complements the visual impression, but also ensures a special kind of sound experience.


Individual exterior refinement for your Bentley

As a further eye-catcher, Arden offers the multi-part “Arden Zelem’s One” forged rim exclusively for Bentley. The special feature of this 10 5Jx21 inch wheel in the high-gloss polished stainless steel bed is the possibility of engraving an individual lettering on a stainless steel plaque, such as the owner’s name.

And embed them in a specially designed hollow. Of course, this forged is also manufactured exclusively for Arden in OEM quality. The complete wheel set is all about 295/30R21 sport tires.

A hand-made and compared to the series plant by 15 kg lighter end formwork system completes not only the optical impression, but also ensures a sound experience of a special Kind.

Arden Security System with Original Flying-B for Bentley


Arden custom interior

Realise your dream. For decades, the Arden saddlery shop has fulfilled the highest demands in precision craftsmanship and has realised individual wishes from Bentley drivers all over the world.


Performance Kits

For the Bentley Continental Arden offer various performance enhancements and sport exhaust systems to further improve the performance of the British luxury convertible.