Arden Sport Exhaust System with flap control for Jaguar F-Type

Art.-Nr.: AAK 95012

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Installation time: approx. 4,0 h
Installation cost: 452,20 EUR.
Excl. VAT €5,900.00 incl. VAT €7,021.00

Product description

Exhaust Sytem consisting of:

- Arden Sport Muffler with flap control (Item. No. AAK 95011)
- Arden X-Pipe
- Arden high flow sport catalysts

The combination of the Arden Sport Muffler and the sport catalsysts optimizes the exhaust gas flow, which reduces the exhaust back pressure and results in a considerable gain in power and agility. Moreover, this stainless steel system offers a sportive and aggressive sound spectrum. The Arden Rear Muffler is equipped with electronically driven flaps. This allows the driver to switch between Comfort and Sport mode at any time using an additional button in the inside of the car.

Available for the following models:

Jaguar F-Type:

QQ6 Conv. from 01/2017
(R 405 kW/ 550 PS)

QQ6 Conv. from 05/2013
V8 R (405 kW/ 550 PS)
V8 S (364 kW/ 495 PS)
V8 R AWD (405 kW/ 550 PS)

QQ6 Coupe from 01/2017
R /405 kW / 550 PS)

QQ6 Coupe from 05/2013
V8 R AWD (405 kW/ 550 PS)
V8 R (405 kW/ 550 PS)
V8 S (208 kW/ 380 PS)
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