Arden Power Increase for XE 20t (+45 HP)

Art.-Nr.: AAK 96022

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Product description

The Arden performance kit allows the performance reserves of your vehicle to be are optimally retrieved. The reprogramming increases the power of the engine to up to approx. 245 HP and the torque up to approx. 370 Nm.

Manufacturer Warranty Note:

Generally, refinement measures are permitted; the Jaguar Land Rover warranty for new vehicles only expires if a defect arises caused by the individualization, but remains in place if the defect is not related to the refinement measures. At first glance, it is not always clear what the root of the problem arisen might be.

To give our customers peace of mind, Arden Automobilbau has a unique agreement with Jaguar Land Rover: the manufacturer's warranty applies in the event of a malfunction in a Jaguar vehicle customized by Arden.

Arden vehicles are subject to a settlement scheme, which provides the authorized workshop with instructions how to proceed in case of damage, ensuring a quick and smooth process for the customer.
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