COLOURLOCK smooth leather care set with leather protector

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High quality leather cleaning brush included.
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Product description

The leather cleaner and the leather protector are the right choice for silk-matt, surface-dyed (rubbed drops of water do not absorb) smooth leather for leather upholstery in vehicles, for leather furniture including Long Life leather and other leather upholstery.

If the leather is dirty, it should be cleaned before care (Cleaner Mild for normal soiling or Cleaner Strong for heavy soiling). This prevents dirt from fixing on the leather through the care. The leather cleaning brush makes it easier to work with heavy soiling in the depths of the grain.

For the surface care of older leathers (from the third year) we recommend the care with the Leather Protector. With its antioxidants, the Leather Protector stops the leather from decaying, and its UV filters protect the surfaces of old and valuable leathers from fading. The leather is also given a smooth surface.

125 ml leather cleaner in the foam dispenser bottle and 150 ml leather protector are usually sufficient to treat an entire interior or an entire furniture set several times. The cleaner is only used on soiled areas and maintenance is applied to all surfaces. In the case of extreme soiling, a larger amount of cleaner may be required. This is only necessary in a few cases.

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