Arden AR7 "Highlander" wide body-kit "Base" from 2010

Art.-Nr.: ARK 60201

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Assembly and painting in our facility in Krefeld 3.900 EUR
Excl. VAT €8,500.00 incl. VAT €10,115.00

Product description

Arden AR7 "Highlander" body-kit consisting of: - Arden front apron (AAK 60200/10) for 2010 Modell - Arden rear apron (AAK 60200B) - Arden side sills(AAK 60200C und D) - complete side sheeting (AAK 60200E bis L) - all meshes (AAK 60200M bis S) - Arden day driving lights - Arden decor stripe (available in black, silver or gold) All Arden body components are out of premium fiber glas carbon compound. They are wind tunnel tested and optimized.
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