Castle Zelem

Between Kranenburg and Kleve lies tucked away in the wide landscape of the Lower Rhine, the old Knights castle Zelem. The moated castle Zelem looks back at 1000 years of history, which had its heyday in the late middle ages until the end of the 18th century. The castle served the Romans and was first documented in the 12th century in a script of the Echternach Abbey. Today it is one of the patriarchal fortifications in the German-Dutch border region.

Today the Castle is a private property and thus from an economic point of view a private construction for nearly 100 years. At the moment possible uses that secure the significant historical stock for the next generations are being researched and ideas cycling around the world of Arden Classic are developed. Meanwhile every now and then, Burg Zelem offers visitors the opportunity to stay for a while. It might be for a short break on the popular cycling routes at the Lower Rhine, as a picture perfect scenery for wedding couples, at guided tours for young and old, at guided nature tours or for fans of classic cars at the Arden British Day every September.