Numerous certificates are behind the Arden authenticity certificate

Over almost 40 years of Arden history, numerous awards, patent certificates, honours and prizes vouch for the high quality of our work. For the long-term success of a traditional company, these are as important as a victory in sport or a “valuable” rating in an examination. However, the praise of our customers is more important than any official recognition. A word, a short email, a handwritten letter, the sparkle in one’s eyes when handing the vehicle over – these are all things that have helped write our successful history.


On this page you will find a small selection of tributes that confirm we are on the right path.

Arden authenticity certificate –
Utmost safety, first-class processing, high-quality materials

Arden Automobilbau GmbH guarantees the use of high-quality materials and first-class processing. To protect you from imitations and increase the resale value of your vehicle after being refined by Arden, with every comprehensive individualisation carried out at our facility in Krefeld, you will receive an Arden certificate clearly identifying the vehicle and the Arden modifications carried out. Arden Classic cars above all are enjoying increasing popularity and are turning into collectors’ items and rarities. As an unfortunate result, many vehicles are offered as Arden vehicles, with no or only badly-made individual components. A vehicle is only an Arden original if it has an Arden certificate!

Sport auto-Award 2017:

Tuningautos Limousinen /
Kombis bis € 80.000,00

Arden Jaguar XE S AJ 24



Sport auto-Award 2016:

Tuningautos Limousinen /
Kombis bis € 80.000,00

Arden Jaguar XE AJ 24



Urkunde Tuner GP Sport Auto 2010

Tuning – Kategorie: Cabrios



Sport auto-Award 2014:

Kategorie: Coupés

Arden Jaguar F-Type AJ 23



Jaguar Quality Club Europe

Jochen Arden Automobilbau GmbH in Krefeld

Jaguar Deutschland GmbH


YOKOHAMA 4×4 Award

1. Platz

Firma Arden – RR Sport AR 6 Stronger

Gewählt von den Lesern der Auto Bild Allrad


Tuning Cars 2006

3. Platz

Arden – Jaguar XK

Kategorie: Cabrios & Roadster


Tuning Cars 2005

3. Platz

Arden – Range Rover

Kategorie: Geländewagen & Vans


Vmaxx – Tunerwahl des Jahres 2000


Obermittelklasse PLATZ 1

Das Fahrzeug “S-Type” wurde von den Lesern der Zeitschrift Vmaxx zum Tuning Fahrzeug des Jahres 2000 gewählt.


Urkunde über die Erteilung des Patents

Nr 40 09 206


Halterungsvorrichtung für eine Zierfigur eines Kraftfahrzeuges



Qualitätsmanagementsystem gemäß DIN/EN ISO 9001

Zubehör für Kraftfahrzeuge der Hersteller:

Jaguar & Range Rover



Qualitätsmanagementsystem gemäß DIN/EN ISO 9001

Entwicklung und Vertrieb von Individuellem Fahrzeugzubehör und zugehörigen Produktgruppen



Arden Automobilbau GmbH

Anerkannter Ausbildungsbetrieb

Industrie und Handelskammer


Jaguar Association Germany e.V.

Ihre langjährige Mitgliedschaft

(25-Jährige Mitgliedschaft)

Clubabzeichen mit Ehrenkranz in Silber


Guarantees for safety, processing and material

A safe drive with Arden – guaranteed!


For more than 40 years, we have been offering our customers carefully developed tuning products, planned to the last detail. Our know-how, first-class processing and the high-quality technology in our products guarantees high longevity for our modifications. As a rule, Arden refurbishments are tested by inspection body the TÜV.


Only products that meet our high quality standards leave the building. This is why we have been working for many years in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and are ISO certified.


If you can’t find satisfactory information about the guarantees and workmanship of the Arden tuning products from your contract and service partner, please feel free to contact us. If you wish, we will be happy to contact the workshop directly. In any case, it must be pointed out that the blanket statement, that the factory warranty ceases to apply when fitting Arden products, is incorrect.


Below you will find a summary of the valid provisions in connection with the guarantee for modified Arden vehicles. However, if you still have unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Arden modifications generally do not affect the Jaguar Land Rover new vehicle guarantee.  The new vehicle guarantee only becomes void if a defect occurs and the modification is the cause of this defect. However, even in this case you as a customer are in safe hands, because the repair work will be carried out at any authorised Jaguar workshop. However, if there are any disagreements with your contractual partner regarding processing, please inform us immediately.


For performance improvements in particular, the desire for complete cover is understandable. So that you can help your vehicle achieve more power and sportiness with peace of mind, Arden offers a free engine warranty. In accordance with our warranty conditions, we give our customers a warranty of up to 3 years or 100,000km total mileage.


As an Arden customer, you will therefore enjoy comprehensive cover for all vehicles refined by us, and you can indulge in the pleasure of driving worry-free.

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