Arden products and tuning for the Range Rover Evoque

Finely tuned modifications to boost the value of your Range Rover Evoque

The most noticeable modifications can be found when having a closer look at the front and rear. The Arden Front Spoiler takes away some of the Evoque’s off-road genes and makes it look more sporty instantly. The same approach was made when Arden redesigned the Rear Bumper, which leaves enough space for the four stainless steel end pipes of the Arden Sport Rear Muffler. Arden sidebars can be added to complete the exterior package. The sidebars are made in Germany using a highly specialized laser manufacturing process and are optionally available with illumination.


In order to complete the sporty appearance of the Arden AR 11 Evoque, Arden offers wheel spacers to widen the track by 40 mm per axle and thus improve the driving performance. The Arden Sport Springs lower the Evoque by approx. 25mm and enhance the drivability especially at high speeds.

Furthermore, Arden is launching its new wheel programme in late 2018. There will be two different wheel designs in 22 inch to fit the Range Rover Evoque. The customer will have the choice between a 10-spoke forged wheel and a cast wheel featuring nine double spokes.


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Optimal performance in a classy design – Tuning at its best


The sport suspension in combination with the wheel spacers gives the appearance the necessary finishing touch. These springs reduce the center of gravity of the Range Rover Evoque by 25 millimeters and thus improve the handling during fast cornering. In addition, Arden offers performance upgrades for numerous models of the Range Rover Evoque.

From late summer 2018 Arden extends its program for the Range Rover Evoque by two new wheel designs in 22 inches. The customer has the choice between a dynamic forged rim in 10-spoke design and a light-alloy wheel with nine double spokes.

Craftsmanship from Arden for the Range Rover Evoque interior

We are looking forward to your request and provide you with an individualized offer for your vehicle’s interior. Choose from leather, alcantara, carbon or wood and let us advise you.


Performance Chart


In addition to the eye-catching look, the engine department developed powerful performance enhancements for virtually all Evoque petrol and diesel engines. Thanks to a map optimization, the production engines gain up to 35 hp / 25 kW of additional power and 80 Nm of torque increase.




An overview of our complete product range for the Range Rover Evoque we have compiled in this brochure.

Arden Range Rover Evoque AR 11
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