The Flying B for Bentley – Perfectly refined down to the tiniest detail

The new, TÜV-compliant version of the Bentley hood ornament from Arden

What would a Rolls-Royce be without the Spirit of Ecstasy? Unthinkable! Many classic Bentley models once had an equally iconic hood ornament – the Flying B.


Arden has worked hard to create a new version of the ornament, successfully developing a safety system that meets the strict requirements of the German inspection organisation TÜV. Made with incredible precision and a loving eye for detail, each base is individually hand crafted and adapted to the original Flying B, making this legendary hood ornament approved for the road. Bentley drivers need wait no longer to proudly display this iconic emblem.


Each Arden Flying B is based on an original ornament that once adorned a classic Bentley model, painstakingly made by hand and adapted to the respective hood of a modern Bentley vehicle.

Your unique Bentley hood ornament

Professionally recreating the Bentley Flying B hood ornaments requires the use of components developed decades ago. Today’s largely standardised manufacturing processes are generally not comparable to those used in the past. As a result, crafting a new Flying B requires time, technology and craftsmanship. We do not shy away from this challenge. By producing a unique, individual ornament for every hood, we help you give your vehicle a personal touch that evokes the great tradition of this classic brand.

Product liability Flying-B

Product liability

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Arden Automobilbau GmbH is solely responsible in relation to product liabil-ity for the security systems sold by Arden Automobilbau GmbH providing safety to the flying B radiator mascot (flying B). We are therefore responsible for all personal injury and property damage arising from proper you use of the security system invented by Arden Automobilbau GmbH. Please note that the security system is only to be used in connection with the original flying B. All aspects relevant to safety were reviewed only in combination with the original flying B. The TÜV certificate for the security system looses validity, if the secu-rity system is used in combination with other radiator mascots but the original flying B. Accordingly, we ask you to ensure that the security system developed by Arden Automobilbau GmbH is only to be used in combination with the original flying B following the instruction sheet provided by Arden Automobil-bau GmbH.

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