Classy Arden Jaguar bonnet mascot meets top safety and quality standards

Radiator mascots were once a conspicuous distinguishing feature on almost all bonnets. Nowadays, however, hardly any car makers grace their vehicles with such distinctive sculptures. This is mostly due to safety regulations that are meant to protect pedestrians from the rigid, exposed structures in case of a collision.


Two of the most famous car makers that still do not want to do without their noble status symbols are Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce. It takes some elaborate mechanisms for these companies to pass the strict requirements. Jaguar owners, too, can embellish their bonnet with the famous feline predator today: This is made possible by the in-house development of the car tuner and Jaguar specialist Jochen Arden. His Jaguar build convinces technically as well as visually through impeccable workmanship and meets all requirements of TÜV and insurance companies. Thanks to the sophisticated security fixture, which enables lateral and horizontal rotation of the frame, Arden guarantees maximum pedestrian impact protection.


The authenticity of the classic build was equally realised to perfection: The 12-centimetre-long leaping cat is delivered with a life-long corrosion guarantee by Arden Automobilbau GmbH and fits all past and current Jaguar models from the classic XJS up to the brand new E-Pace, thanks to the adapter plates that are part of the delivery. The Jaguar is available in chrome, black, varnished in the vehicle colour, or, on special customer request, hard gold plated in jewellery quality. The radiator mascot, delivered with a TÜV report and mounting guidelines, costs 329.00 Euros plus VAT.

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