Riley Monaco

Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Manufacturer: Riley
Model: Monaco
First registration: 11/1936
Mileage: 35.000 km
Exterior: White
Interior: Black
Price: 26.500 Euro
VAT included: No

Technical specifications

Transmission: Manual
Power: 26 kW/35 hp

This car is a collector’s item and the previous owner sold it due to reasons of age after 2 decades. It is a very rare factory car, the majority is in original condition. Any changes to this vehicle have been made in the factory itself. According to the world-renowned auction house SOTHEBYS which sold this vehicle in 1993, it was modified for racing and ran in Monaco and Le Mans.


The Riley is in the authentic state and the engine has been preserved. The interior is partially restored. For this vehicle a complete history is available, as well as original papers and several newspaper clippings of stories.