Honda S800 Coupé


Vehicle information

Vehicle information

Manufacturer: Honda
Model: S800
First registration: 03/1968
Mileage: 86.925 km
Exterior: Red
Interior: Black
Price: 34.800 Euro
VAT included: No

Technical specifications

Transmission: Manual
Power: 49 kW/67 hp

The Honda S800 was produced from 1966 to 1970 in a quantity of 11.523 units, approximately 60% of all S800 were delivered as coupe. Due to the low vehicle weight, the S800 achieves above-average driving performance with a total output of 67 hp. The offered vehicle has been registered for the first time in the Netherlands and is first hand. The Honda was partly restored and painted with the preservation of achieving the original condition with highest priority. Only high-quality spare parts have been used, corresponding documentation for the vehicle is available.


The vehicle is immediately ready for driving and is characterized by a clean engine running, thanks to short gears, the 4-speed gearbox ensures sporty driving. The interior has also been partly restored as well, the sports steering wheel made of wood underlines the sporty appearance of the S800 perfectly.


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