MINI Challenge 2007

The main concept of the Mini Challenge 2007 is the equality of opportunity.

In this case everything is up to the driver. Regardless of beeing a pro, a young talent or guestdriver – all pilots will start with technical identical Mini Cooper S. Jochen Arden who already acted as guestdriver of Team Piro Sports while the 24h race at the Nürburgring enters the cocpit again and assured a leading result (Gentleman Liga). While the 30 minutes of racetime in Zandvoort, during the Mini United Festival, Jochen Arden succeeded in reaching the podium. Superior he started from the midfield and fights his way to the leading position. Also he would have reached the first place in the second run but his car droped out in the second last round due to a technical failure. This weekend Jochen Arden tied up to his former victories with BMW and the Dolomite in the 70th, with the Porsche in the 80th as well as his victories with Jaguar in the 90th while the GT European Championship.

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